Black Rose
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title: bodies possessed by light

author: :}

pairing: awsten / otto

warnings: general internet fuckery, some violence, some flashing images/eyestrain, an egregious amount of gifs, moderately simplistic code

ao3 version (accessible/no flashing images or eyestrain)

welcome to my twisted mind or something.

i read this kind of fucked up mcr fic about vampires, birds, and warped tour on an old site that somehow hasn't run out of bandwidth and it got me thinking about a lot. the format of the site itself was simple, but it led to this sort of mystery you couldn't get from modern fic sites.

which leads me to here.

this fic is an experience in the form of a found media arg type of thing; an ode to old internet in a way. there's gonna be some untraditional formatting and pages at some point (maybe also in part for the fact that i'm using old code from when i was 14 and other code i got online to even make this site) but everything is intentional (unless the error page comes up or an image doesn't load). wait a little for the assets to load because it takes a while. the pages are numbered in order in case things load slow.

enjoy it (or don't). title taken from scheherazade by richard siken. click on the arrows to navigate.